Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Great Escape

So on Friday morning we wake up and find this. The big goats got out and ate all the hay. There really was only one bale left. On Thursday night Casa Grande had a big storm. It was so bad that my husband moved his work van to the neighbors. Our neighbors live closer to the main road. It is safer to have the van on higher ground if it rains. The van weighs so much and it does not have four wheel drive. He doesn't want to take the risk of it sinking in the desert mud. He stayed awhile and then he and my son drove home in our old truck. It seems the storm blew the gate of the big goat pen right off the hinges. The closing strap was still attached. Luckily the neighbors gave us some nice green bell peppers last night. My husband opened a box in the pen and the goats walked right back in. No chasing on our part. Thank goodness.
My youngest son and husband put the gate to rights and we finished taking care of the animals. Nothing else was broken or blown away. Very unusual.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Dog Food

We have 4 dogs now. They have a hard time with dog food. We find a brand they like and it goes well for awhile. They eat it up like nobodies business. Then after awhile it starts to bother one or all of them. So we switch it up. This brand is from the feed store. Very inexpensive. I hope they like it for awhile.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Thin Bagels

I love these. I found them at Walmart. They make good sandwiches. I brought them home and did not buy cream cheese because I had just bought some. Went into the refrigerator and no cream cheese. I asked my youngest and he said he just finished it. OMG. Really. So I made sandwiches with them instead. If he hadn't eaten all the cream cheese I never would have tried making a sandwich with them . Very tasty.

Sharp Blades

So I wrote a week ago about receiving a ninja. They have very sharp blades. I cut my right index finger very badly near the first bend. A band aid was not working. While wearing a band aid I had a hard time doing just about everything. My work mate suggested liquid band aid. I found some New Skin at Safeway. It works great. I can shuffle through papers with the best of them. I don't know why I didn't think of this myself my mother has used this before. It smells rather intoxicating when you first put it on. It does sting. But after that you are sealed in tight.

Cell Phones

Tired of the service I had. Every time I need something I get pushed around. We were stuck in a contract with our previous cell phone company. My youngest is very hard on phones and we had no more insurance claims on his line. He broke his phone and it was not working. I called our local cell phone company and they said I'm sorry mam the only thing we can do for you is help you select a new phone that you can buy. So if I buy a new phone will I then be able to insure it. No mam that line has used its limit for this time period. How silly is that. On Friday my youngest took my phone to go get water. He comes back in with a very sad look on his face. He hands me my cell phone and said it dropped and broke. Are you kidding. I told him to be careful. The screen was shattered and sharp. Every time I did anything I cut my fingers. Nope not gonna happen. So I have ins claims available, but I would need to pay $100 and then wait. So unhappy. So we went to T Mobile. They buy out contracts. We get two new phones and no contract. We both now have 4 G our reception is great. My bill is almost a half or what the other company was. I even get cell coverage in the lead room I work in. This was a very rash decision. The man that helped us was a trainee. He took a long time to do everything. I was 5 min late for work, I am never late.

They grow up so fast

This is the rabbit my youngest saved from our last harvest
This is how she looked on Friday when we placed her in the birthing cage
So Friday my youngest son helped feed the Rabbits. He comes out of one pen and says one of those rabbits is going to have babies. I asked him why he thought that. He said their is fur all over the pen. So I go and look and guess what I found.
Seven wiggly squeaky babies. She had gotten over into the males pen and of coarse we knew it was going to happen. So my youngest son and I gathered all the little babies up and placed them in the birthing cage. We like to put the mammas in the birthing cage before they give birth. Her timing was way off. In fact I had just thought maybe we got away with no babies. Summer babies are so hard. It is too too hot. They almost never make it. No such luck.

Friday, June 27, 2014

AZ without AC

So this weekend my vehicle, a 1992 Bronco, stopped blowing cold air. So Driving the truck home on Sunday was miserable. Hot and nasty. So my husband and youngest son take it into the shop and start tearing into it. Mice. Stupid mice. They made a nest inside the AC blower. My husband said he was surprised it even blew at all. They cleaned it out and charged it and low and behold it is so cold. It was around 9:30 when they finished. We went to McDonald's to get ice cream and I was so cold my teeth were chattering. They had charged it about a month ago. I was super cold then too. Like I said stupid mice.